Friction welding

Orbital friction welding, a worldwide patented connection technology, is suitable for adapted machine configurations for a variety of material combinations for many industries. The process extends the possibilities of friction welding beyond rotationally symmetrical cross sections. A variety of plastics and metals can be welded (e.g. PP-ABS, PVC-PA, aluminium steel, titanium steel, and much more).

Our dyconn machines work to a high standard of process quality and stability, while the known advantages of friction welding are also harnessed in this process. We offer interesting solutions for - automotive industry - aviation technology - energy technology - medical technology.

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Aviation applications:

Orbital friction welding can be used to join variably shaped cross sections, making it an ideal technique for welding blisks. Indeed, an orbital friction weld can possess a higher strength than the base material.

Automotive applications:

In vehicle construction, new material combinations open up new options in lightweight construction. This is especially relevant for areas that are subject to high stress, including structural elements of the gears and body. Further advantages are evident through material substitution (e.g. copper versus aluminium) that enable

  • Weight savings
  • Cost reductions
  • Process optimisation

Multi-material components can thus be manufactured with short cycle times and in large quantities. Constant monitoring of all relevant process variables ensures consistently high quality.

Medical applications:

The orbital friction welding of different types of titanium for endoprostheses and implants enhances technical design freedom, even making possible the combination of CoCrMo and titanium. No welding consumables are required for orbital friction welding, which means no contamination.

The high strength of the connection as well as the high quality and reliability of the dyconn process make it ideal for meeting the high demands of medical technology.

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