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As a sourcing partner for the metalworking industry, we offer development, production, assembly, logistics and service from a single source. Our international customer base confirms this claim.

Our level of manufacturing expertise, specialist knowledge and proven reliability, which we have developed over decades, are the decisive factors for our customers to involve us both permanently and in upcoming projects, even from as early on as the concept phase.

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The foundation stone for Mühlbauer was laid in 1973 by company founder Johann Mühlbauer. One of the first business areas was the production of bending moulds for the glass industry.

The core competences of Mühlbauer Maschinenbau GmbH with its 120 employees range from the contract manufacturing of milled and turned parts to complex system solutions. The core competences of Mühlbauer Technologie GmbH and its 12 employees is automation and special machine construction.

Christoph Mühlbauer has been the owner and managing director of Mühlbauer Maschinenbau GmbH and Mühlbauer Technologie GmbH since 2012.

In addition to the automotive and automotive supply industry, small and large electronics, medical and aerospace companies from all over Europe form part of a broad customer portfolio. We speak the languages of our customers and are always able to meet national and international challenges.

Certified to ISO 9001, EN 9100 and EN 1090, we are qualified problem solvers for, among others, both the aerospace and medical technology sectors.



Birth of Johann Mühlbauer

The creative head and founder of the Johann Mühlbauer company was born during wartime on 15 January 1945 in Runding as the sixth child of businessman Josef Mühlbauer and his wife Franziska.

Master's Certificate examination

Mühlbauer took the examination for the Master's Certificate after several years of practical professional experience at the Hans Müller/Katzbach and Preiter/Cham companies.


The Mühlbauer company was born independently in the 15 sqm basement of his home.

Start of production

The first product is the development and production of so-called tournament sticks. Contract and development work for the steel industry is also carried out. Furthermore, new and improved forms for the glass industry are developed and manufactured. The first apprentice is hired.

First lathe

The company invests in the first new lathe with a hydraulic copying system.
1979 to 1980

Expansion of range and specialisation

Specialised areas of activity offer enormous opportunities for the growth of the company and for its successful market positioning. The house domains are moulds for mirror production and, in particular, rotary parabolic moulds for energy concentration in Stirling units.
1983 to 1986

Plant expansion and new constructions

From a 50 m² production area to 600 m².

Expansion of the operating area

In parallel to the upward development, the area is expanded by approximately 1,500 m².

Restructuring of the management system

Fundamental restructuring of the management system due to a changed market situation. The core of the new corporate policy concept is a value-based management policy with the aim of sustainably increasing the company's value.
1996 to 1998

The foundry building is under construction

With the new aluminium-E-melting furnaces, aluminium castings of up to 3,000 kg can be produced. Gravity-die casting, sand casting, precision casting, gas-tight casting are among the wide range of methods and technologies. A fluid bed furnace offers the opportunity for sand recycling. Development and construction of a sand processing plant.
2002 and 2009

Growing number of employees

The number of employees has grown to approx. 115 with an apprenticeship quota of 18%. The current production area covers 6.000 m².
From 2007

Range of services continues to grow

Our range of services includes equipment, mould and tool making, contract manufacturing, aluminium foundry, sand recycling, EDM drilling, helium and vacuum testing, CNC manufacturing and various specialised areas (including 3D ceramic processing and demagnetising). In addition to the service areas of automotive and aerospace technology, the company enters the field of medical technology. The company acts as a direct supplier to well-known automobile manufacturers such as BMW, Audi, Daimler Chrysler and Rolls-Royce. Other referential customers include companies such as Pilkington, Flabeg, Big, Boards & More and MAN. Yet the customer base also include many small clients from the region.

Opening of new administration building

Mühlbauer Maschinenbau GmbH sees successful financial results through motivation, loyalty and the determination of management and employees alike. For the future, we are committed to focusing on our own strengths and virtues, while constantly optimising quality and technology.

Christoph Mühlbauer becomes owner and managing director of Mühlbauer Maschinenbau GmbH and Mühlbauer Technologie GmbH

In addition to the automotive and automotive supply industry, small and large companies in the sectors of electronics and electrical engineering, medical technology and the aerospace industry from all over Europe count among the broad customer portfolio. International challenges can now also be met. Certified according to ISO 9001, EN 9100 and EN ISO 13485, Mühlbauer Maschinenbau is now also a problem solver in the aerospace and medical technology sectors.

Identification of core competencies and core business

Discontinuation of the foundry and paint shop, restructuring of small-scale machining, MISSION – VISION – VALUES strategy development
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